Sue McGill, Mark Band, Paul Jane & Damian Hockley

Sue McGill

Director, Community Sport Infrastructure, Sport Australia

Sue McGill is the Director, Community Sport Infrastructure at Sport Australia. Sue has had a successful career in sport and health, working for over 25 years across local, state and federal government, not for profit organisations and in professional club environments. Sue's career has focused on sport infrastructure, sport governance and program delivery, development of policy to support access and inclusion and ensuring all communities have the opportunity to experience the benefits of participation in sport, physical activity and recreation.

Mark Band

CEO, Parks & Leisure Australia

Responsible for the national peak professional body for parks and leisure professionals in Australia, Mark is responsible for five national office staff and the overseeing of the national functions. These include national conference, membership development, professional journal, sponsorship development and servicing, marketing and communications, product development and general advocacy and representation for the parks and leisure sector to Government in Australia and agencies and partners overseas.

Mark is also the Managing Director of a sport and leisure planning company primarily servicing organisations that work in the promotion and development of quality parks and public space settings. The business has undertaken over 320 different projects with a number of private, public and not for profit agencies, including over 80 local authorities across Australia.

Projects are focussed on the parks and leisure sector and include strategic planning, needs analysis, feasibility studies, master planning, procurement and performance management and reviews

Paul Jane

President, Parks & Leisure Australia

Paul has extensive experience in the sport and recreation industry with over 20 years of experience in a diverse range of roles and organisations. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Biology) and a Masters of Business Administration underpinning his experience in the industry. He is a former CEO of Cycling Victoria and has held previous roles within Local and State Government has seen him responsible for a diversity of areas including the operation of major sports venues, planning for and management of public reserves and open space, assets management and sports development. He has a passion for creating high functioning teams and developing a strong sport and recreation sector.

Damian Hockley

Assistant Director, Sport Business

Damian Hockley is the Assistant Director, Community Sport Infrastructure at Sport Australia. Damian's career has extended across the government, education and sport sectors - with over 15 years' experience shaped from a wide variety of roles within both the private and public sector. In particular, Damian has developed an understanding of how sport partnerships and industry engagement can lead to successful outcomes across our sector. Prior to Sport Australia, Damian worked on industry engagement programs for the Department of Industry and University of South Australia.


Cathy Kiss

Recreation Facility Development, City of Melbourne

Cathy has worked in the Parks and Leisure industry, primarily in local government, for over 30 years. With qualifications in recreation planning and management, she has extensive experience in the planning, development and management of open space, sporting and recreation environments, and a particular passion for children's play.

Cathy is currently the Recreation Facility Development and Contract Coordinator (acting) at the City of Melbourne. She is a founding member of PLA Advisory and Councillor on the Parks and Leisure Australia Vic Tas Regional Council.

Cathy was awarded the Frank Stewart Distinguished Service Award in 2014.


PLA Sport Australia Partnership & Opportunities

  • PLA's vision of Australia becoming the most liveable country in the world renowned for its parks, gardens community facilities and open spaces which promote health, wellbeing and being the backbone and foundation of Australian sport and physical activity
  • Linking this with sport Australia objectives of health, physical activity and sport development and high performance
  • Understanding the link between what we do and their objectives
  • Identifying key issues affecting the industry such as:
    • Data collection for participation and targeting local government
    • Understanding that local government is collectively the largest provider of sport and leisure facilities and where impact can be made
    • Multipurpose planning for facilities
    • Working with NSO's to develop facility blueprints to guide future development
    • Combating physical inactivity
    • Developing great spaces and places to encourage people to become more active and involved in the community
    • Using leisure and recreation as a conduit for community development

  • Identifying some key projects that both sport Australia and PLA can collaborate on to achieve the above
  • Signing the partnership agreement and what this will mean for both PLA, the u=industry and sport Australia
  • Where next…. What are the key projects currently underway

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What our Delegates are Saying

"I'm going to seek new ideas and learn from experience of other projects to constantly improve the way we manage our parks and open space . I'm looking forward to learning more around Parks & Open Space, Healthy Active Play and Trees and Gardens"

Jacqui, Manager City Reserves, City of Albany (WA)

"I love to listen, learn, share and spend time with likeminded and inspirational colleagues who are transforming the world park by park, facility by facility, program by program. I am looking forward to seeing Kia Dowell and Katie Sarah. I love being inspired and challenged to make a difference and grow as a leader and contributor to our industry".

Carly, Team Leader Recreation Planning, City of Casey (VIC)

"It is important to keep abreast of latest industry trends, best practice case studies and the valuable networking opportunities. I am looking forward to hearing from Jack Kardys regarding the evolving role of parks - driving health, happiness and economic prosperity".

Matt, Manager Active Communities, City of Holdfast Bay

"I can't wait to meet new people and catch up with old friends at PLA2019. I haven't been to Perth for many years and I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful parks"

Neil, Parks Planner, Parks Victoria

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