Ray Buchanan

Ray Buchanan

Manager, Queensland Moto Park

Ray Buchanan - QMP Manager -Racer, bike shop owner, tour operator, trail ride organiser, Ray has been passionately invested in motorcycles in every possible way, since before he shoe-horned an XR350 powerplant into a CR500 chassis as the owner of Australian Dirt Bike Wreckers almost 30 years ago.

Ray sees what's best about motorcycling and motorcyclists like no-one else does, and as such he's perfectly suited to oversee the QMP monolith, negotiate with bureaucracy and steer its long-term direction.


The Benefits of Outdoor Sport/Motorbike Riding

Queensland Moto Park is well regarded as the premiere recreational dirt bike riding facility in Qld and quite possible Australia. QMP opened in late 2011 after years of planning by Motorcycling Queensland and the regional councils and shires in the area to cater for the 230 000 adults who participated in off road motorcycling (2008 Outdoor Recreational study). The facility is run via MA (Motorcycling Australia) ruling and provides a desperately needed riding area in the dirt bike hub of SEQ. The Park is a hive of activity hosting on average 600 riders and their families every week. Located in the heart of the Scenic Rim and just over 1 hour from Brisbane and 90 minutes from the Gold Coast, the park is well positioned within the hub of the SEQ motocross and trail riding scene. Early estimates of yearly usage were between 12 000 to 15 000 riders, however with in the first 3 years of operation we have welcomed over 90 000 men, women and children as well as their families and visitors to our facility.

QMP offers freshly prepped tracks which are ploughed and watered every day. This fastidious approach to track maintenance has not only made the park a hangout for the local pro riders but also kept our injury rate down to .2%. 7 tracks (4 Senior, 1 Peewee, and 2 Junior), Freestyle ramps and 50 kilometres of trails provide a great cross section of the different disciplines and challenge all skill levels. The park also breaks records as the first time that an Australian State Government has gone as far as setting aside land to be used solely for the purpose of recreational dirt bike riding. Eight local Councils also got involved in the set up and contributed towards the funding seeing a huge benefit in getting riders out of parklands and into a safe environment. On numerous occasions QMP has been referred to as a standard blueprint by which future parks should be developed.

Some come to ride with mates, some to ride with their children, some to improve their skills, but all benefit from this active outdoor sport. A 2009 Trail Bike Riding Analysis conducted by the University of Queensland found that Bike riding promotes a healthy lifestyle which is beneficial to personal well-being, physical and mental health, along with contributing to positive relationships with family and friends and plays. The survey also indicated the 30% were professionals (1 or 2 degrees), 38% were tradies and 30% were business owners.

16% of the adult population living in South East Queensland ride off road motorcycles (2008 Outdoor Recreational Study). QMP provides a safe and well managed facility for 1 in 6 South East Queenslanders who participate in off road motorcycling. "A pure world of off-road riding", is how Japan's Senior Yamaha Executive Officer Kunihiko Miwa described QMP on his visit in late 2013. He went on to say, "I don't believe there is anywhere else in the world where so many levels of riders are catered to in the same venue." (September 2013 Fassifern Guardian)

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What our Delegates are Saying

"I'm going to seek new ideas and learn from experience of other projects to constantly improve the way we manage our parks and open space . I'm looking forward to learning more around Parks & Open Space, Healthy Active Play and Trees and Gardens"

Jacqui, Manager City Reserves, City of Albany (WA)

"I love to listen, learn, share and spend time with likeminded and inspirational colleagues who are transforming the world park by park, facility by facility, program by program. I am looking forward to seeing Kia Dowell and Katie Sarah. I love being inspired and challenged to make a difference and grow as a leader and contributor to our industry".

Carly, Team Leader Recreation Planning, City of Casey (VIC)

"It is important to keep abreast of latest industry trends, best practice case studies and the valuable networking opportunities. I am looking forward to hearing from Jack Kardys regarding the evolving role of parks - driving health, happiness and economic prosperity".

Matt, Manager Active Communities, City of Holdfast Bay

"I can't wait to meet new people and catch up with old friends at PLA2019. I haven't been to Perth for many years and I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful parks"

Neil, Parks Planner, Parks Victoria

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