Ljiljana Pantelic

Ljiljana Pantelic

Associate Director - Science, Sustainability & Health, WA Australian Antarctic Territory

Ljiljana is the lead environmental and human health scientist within Syrinx, and a qualified sustainability practitioner. She has been working as a multidisciplinary researcher and consultant for more than 15 years with a focused on developing innovative methods and applying appropriate technologies for assessing, protecting, remediating and improving natural resources and delivering sustainable resource & infrastructure outcomes. Ljiljana's particular expertise is in sustainability evaluations and assessment, green infrastructure planning and decision making, and integrated resource management and delivery projects.


A novel tool for Green Infrastructure planning

Green Infrastructure is a network of multi-functional green spaces and water elements that augment the services of conventional infrastructure and provide multiple environmental, economic and social benefits such as clean air and water, climate regulation, erosion control, recreation, etc. It is increasingly considered a vital asset for liveable, sustainable and resilient cities and is becoming the global standard for meeting the growing needs of complex communities and environments in a sustainable way. However, the ability to assess the extent and performance of existing GI assets and networks and to use this for future planning, is a significant gap world-wide. The GI Assessment Matrix (GIAM™) developed by Syrinx seeks to provide a robust and scientifically sound planning, assessment and ranking tool, specific to GI assets in urban and regional settings. The tool is designed to improve efficiencies by rewarding multi-functionality and integration of assets, and encompasses climate response, water sensitivity, biodiversity, ecosystem resilience, energy resilience & emissions, waste management and community health and wellbeing. These global key performance categories are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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What our Delegates are Saying

"I'm going to seek new ideas and learn from experience of other projects to constantly improve the way we manage our parks and open space . I'm looking forward to learning more around Parks & Open Space, Healthy Active Play and Trees and Gardens"

Jacqui, Manager City Reserves, City of Albany (WA)

"I love to listen, learn, share and spend time with likeminded and inspirational colleagues who are transforming the world park by park, facility by facility, program by program. I am looking forward to seeing Kia Dowell and Katie Sarah. I love being inspired and challenged to make a difference and grow as a leader and contributor to our industry".

Carly, Team Leader Recreation Planning, City of Casey (VIC)

"It is important to keep abreast of latest industry trends, best practice case studies and the valuable networking opportunities. I am looking forward to hearing from Jack Kardys regarding the evolving role of parks - driving health, happiness and economic prosperity".

Matt, Manager Active Communities, City of Holdfast Bay

"I can't wait to meet new people and catch up with old friends at PLA2019. I haven't been to Perth for many years and I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful parks"

Neil, Parks Planner, Parks Victoria

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